Angie’s List is Now Free – Impact on Business Reviews & SEO

Angie’s List is now free, removing the annual membership requirement to view full ratings and reviews. Now consumers can access this service for free, opening the door to an audience even larger than its millions of current paid members.
In the past only paying customers could read Angie’s List reviews or leave their own, but now anyone can use a free membership to browse with the announcement of Angie’s List new free membership plan. Why the change? In a March 2016 TechCrunch interview new CEO Scott Durchslag stated, “We get over 100 million visitors each month, but 90% of them have been bouncing because of the reviews paywall.” So they have removed the paywall and now offer a new membership tier structure that offers premium services like emergency services hotlines and handyman prequalification with paid subscriptions. Angie’s List looks to drastically increase its user base and compete with startups like Thumbtack, Handy, and Porch, which have free plans and tools consumers and contractors enjoy.